Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Favourite Miniature

I have always been hopeless with wood, whenever I try to cut or measure it there is a disaster. This usually ends with swearing or bleeding so, not surprisingly, I tend to avoid it. If Gill and I are having a dolls house club day I am very occasionally persuaded to have a go, but Gill usually does all the measuring, and some of the cutting. She knows not to hold wood when I am cutting, the president of my UK dolls house club once did this in an effort to prove I was not hopeless, and finally admitted he was wrong after first aid had been given to his cut fingers!
However I do quite enjoy putting kits together, as long as they are not too complicated, and I can get a decent result. This chair was fine except it fell apart a time or two, all my fault as I used the wrong glue and it did have to travel 1000 miles in the move to Spain.
The best part for me is the covering. I have always enjoyed sewing and embroidery, and miniature half cross stitch is a challenge I like. This was one of the first things I did and I still like it. The pattern came from a Felicity Price article in an old Dolls House Magazine. It usually lives in the jewellry department, I think if you are spending a lot of money you need a comfortable seat!
Lots of big mini hugs to everyone


  1. Olwyn felicitaciones por tu recien nacido blog. La butaca es muy bonita y estoy de acuerdo contigo, trabajar con la madera es muy dificil y tu trabajo con el "half cross stitch" es precioso y perfecto ! Mariajo

  2. Oly, the chair looks great. What can I say about the stitching? AMAZING!!!! You really are a wonder with it! =)

  3. Olwyn me parece simplemente expectacular. Tienes una manos prodigiosas. Besos

  4. lovely

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