Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My minis for this evening

Just as a footnote I have had my first comment from Gill, I am so excited. I thought it would be nice to put a photo of my other minis on the blog. They are so sweet. The bigger cat is Barnaby and he is seven months old, the smaller is Ambrose ( up until yesterday at the vets he was Amber), he walked in last week and I did not have the heart to make him go away. He was a stray, and as you can see they are the best of friends already.


  1. Your kitties are totally adorable! How precious! I'm so glad I found your blog today! :-) I hope you'll check out mine too--there are minis and kitties there too! :-)

  2. They are so cute. We took in our stray ginger cat 18 yrs ago and he is still with us.