Thursday, November 10, 2011


Now I have started the blog I just cannot seem to stop looking at it, thank you everyone for your kind comments, it is so exciting to have some followers. It is odd, I know that Gill makes lovely things, she thinks they are OK, and I am just the same, we both like each others minis but criticise our own, so it is really nice to have outside opinions. Sometimes we both get a surprise when we have another look at something we have made and cannot believe we did it.
As I have not had time to make any minis I will show you some of my department store, in all I have 3 big display cases and a smaller one which is a Bridal Salon. They are a long way from finished because there is a lot of room, and I am a typical Gemini as I flit from one project to another.
When Gill and I are together one idea sparks another, our husbands think we are mad. This may because the last time my husband arrived home on a mini day we were ironing plastic straws! I will explain that idea another time.
This is the ground floor of the bridal salon, I love making feminine minis, it is looking quite full, but there are another two floors to go.

Here is a close up of the back of a wedding dress I made and embroidered, you can see it on the left above.

I think of all the minis I have I love my Bridal Salon the most, even though there is still a long way to go.
In the other cases I have an antiques department, well I have to have somewhere to put those things that do not fit anywhere else.
Among the other departments there are a childrens shop, cafe, perfume, hats and lots of others, some to be decided.
Still very short of chairs in the cafe!
This is small corner of the childrens department, it is probably the fullest, I have no idea why, perhaps because I cannot resist a cute mini.

This is a counter in the mens department, and finally a picture of the jewellry department.
I hope you have enjoyed your brief tour, when I have mastered the camera more I will show some of my makes in more detail.
Have a great day
 Mini hugs


  1. Loved the tour of your department stores. Lots of neat things you have made. I am glad you and Gill found one another, it is a joy to have a wonderful hobby that friends enjoy. I also have that. Cheers. LJ

  2. Congrats for your new blog and your work!

  3. Thanks for showing us around. I love the embroidered wedding gown and those jewels are quite something! I'm another Gemini living in Yorkshire and I completely empathise with your project flitting. Judith x

  4. Wow, the photo of the jewellery is brilliant, I can't believe you made so much and I love the embroidered bridal gown. Gill x

  5. Congratulations to the new blog!
    The wedding dress is absolutely stunning.
    Hugs from Finland!

  6. Lovely to see your pictures and read about your hobby. Jackie

  7. What great miniatures and displays you've shown us! Isn't it funny how husbands react on our miniaturemania? But then again...your remark about ironing plastic straws might raise an eyebrow or two from non-husbands too. I'd love to see whatever you did with those straws.
    Huge mini hug,

  8. Wow! There is so much to look at! Love the antiques dept. =)

  9. Your shops are so wonderful. So many little details. Especially I love the bridal shop with the wonderful bridal dress.
    Hugs from Craftland

    and congratulations to your new blog.