Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Houses and Shirts

As you know Gill bought me some little house kits for Christmas, I made these this week, and Gill suggested I use Flowersoft (last years Christmas present) to add some dimension and texture. I am very pleased with them, they went together beautifully and the Flowersoft is easy to use, if a little messy. Now I will have a Miniatures Department in my store, which will fill one of the many remaining spaces.

I also made some more shirts and sweaters  for the Mens Department, they are very quick and easy to do. It usually takes longer to find and choose the materials than to make a pile. Although normally, like Gill, I prefer to make pretty and bling it is nice to have a change sometimes. It is always difficult to find things for the mens department, so usually the only option is to make, but it is one of the fullest departments despite this.

I bought a new camera yesterday so I am going to practise with it, I have even bought a light box so I can photograph my minis easily (I think). 
Happy mini making.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

A very Happy New Year to all you miniaturists out there, I hope you had a good Christmas with lots of mini gifts. We had a great time with family who were visiting. The festivities are not over in Spain as we have the Three Kings fiesta this weekend which involves lots of parades on Thursday evening and a Bank Holiday on Friday. The big interest for miniaturists over Christmas here are the traditional Belens in all the shops, Town Halls and in the streets of the cities. These are mini tableaus of the nativity, and must take hours to put together, they are always a joy to see, and people are fascinated by them, especially the mechanised displays.
I had a break from making minis over the holiday, but just before I designed and made some boxes for the mens shop, now I have to find some suitable bottles to complete the displays. My first real attempt at designing boxes, so I was pleased that the tops fitted the bottoms and they were more or less the right size. I also made use of some cut outs from Dollshouse and Miniature scene to make some boxes of Christmas baubles for the Christmas department which needs a lot more things.

I had some nice surprises from Gill for Christmas,
and also some little houses to make, this will probably be the subject for our next club meeting.
Those of you who follow Gill´s blog will know we made Turkish Delight, a lot of Turkish Delight! I made six boxes like this, plus a box of chocolates which is nothing like the one I bought for Gill, there is certainly some improvement needed!
My Mum bought me a bar for the cafe in the department store so when inspiration strikes I want to start filling that, will post pictures when I make a start. In the mean time the best of luck to all, may 2012 bring you all the things you wish for.
Mini hugs