Saturday, November 12, 2011

Small ideas take a lot of time

Every now and again I get an idea and I just have to run with it. A few weeks ago I saw a picture in a Delia Smith Christmas recipe book and it made me think of those fabulous French cake and chocolate shops, the ones that sell macaroons and expensive cakes, everything glitters and looks scrumptious. This made me think I could do that in my store. Does anyone else see things in their mind, try to do it and then realise they may need to think about it first?

I have made a start as you can see from the pictures, but it is just beginning to dawn on me that there is a long way to go, lots of goodies to make and it may all be a bit more expensive than I anticipated unless I can make most things myself. These are my first attempts, and as there will be lots of shelves to fill I can always hide them at the back. Having said that I am quite pleased with them, only hundreds more to make!
I hope you all have a great mining weekend
Mini hugs


  1. Oh you have been busy! They're all looking really scrummy! Gill x

  2. No se si entiendes el español... yo es que soy terrible en ingles... Bueno Felicidades por este blog, te he descubierto por Make It small. Que suerte ese club de dos... ja ja Sois increibles las dos, con estas cosas tan maravillosas que hacéis. Besos. Me encanta todo.