Sunday, September 30, 2012

Where does the time go?

I cannot believe it is a week since my last post, where does time go?
We have been deluged with rain for the last few days, the first for months so everyone was delighted to see it, unlike the residents of the UK who have had it all summer. What summer?
I am still trying to sort out the department store, and now there are a lot of empty spaces, particularly in the Bridal shop. Once I had moved everything out which had somehow sneaked in there are even empty cupboards. It gave me some space to display the dresses I had made to better advantage.
The Princess Grace dress is from a pattern by Kathi R Mendenhall. I am not very experienced at making this kind of thing but I enjoyed the process. I particularly enjoy making wedding things, like Gill pretty is my thing in the dollshouse.

I have finished the doll for my friend´s birthday, and have now started another, I am having a problem making her stand properly so will have to rethink.
 I am also practising a cat face for another doll in the pipeline which my sister, Gill and I are going to make when my sister comes over in November. This is an advanced doll and we are anything but advanced doll makers so it will be a challenge.
In my head I do have a plan to miniaturise these dolls, but that is on hold at the moment because they are quite complicated enough in full size.
I am missing Gill this week as she is in the UK with her family, still it was worth her going to get supplies!
Hope you are all having a good weekend

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  1. This is such a beautiful dress, I've seen it in real life and it's stunning!