Saturday, September 22, 2012

Back to Minis

Being of an economical nature, well sometimes, Gill and  I seem to have collected several ring/jewellry stands which resemble mannequins for the dolls house.
Before they take over our real houses it seemed a good idea to do something with them, especially as the wedding shop is looking very bare after a recent rearrangement.
We did not want to make something which would take days so on a Tuesday club meeting Gill and I decided to dress the mannequins.
This is mine, Gills is very pretty. She is much more precise than I am, so she does the measuring and I can fix most of the things I do wrong with judiciously applied glue, bling or a little bit of something.

We are pleased with them and fully intend to make some more, that is if other things do not come up. Why am I sure they will? Must be my Gemini brain.
Enjoy your mini work!

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  1. Your photos don't do your work justice, your mannequin is well made and very pretty. I'm catching up with a bit of blog reading now I'm home. x