Sunday, October 14, 2012

Back to minis soon

Oh dear, I do not seem to be doing very well at posting despite my new resolution to keep up to it. Still, things should be a little quieter this week. Life seems to have been quite hectic and interfering with hobbies.
As I said before I have been making a doll for my friend who has a significant birthday this year. She loves her, and I can show her to you now. She is called Flamenca and is based on a pattern by Judi Wellnitz.

She is going to have a very good home here in Spain.
The next doll, which is almost finished, is for a charity raffle my sister supports. I seem to have been making hard work of it, don´t know why. I will post some photos when she is done. It looks a bit like the French revolution in my work box with several loose heads, I do get a bit carried away sometimes!
At our next dolls house club on Tuesday we are back to making miniatures, yet another experiment with miniature food. We shall see how we go.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


  1. Hi Olwyn! Your Art Dolls look gorgeous! I enjoy looking at beautiful handmade things, it doesn´t have to be mini :-)
    Hugs, Sandra

  2. She's finished, well done! These dolls are easier on the eyes but I'm itching to get back to miniatures! x