Friday, February 3, 2012

Bottles, straws and clay

Hi everyone, been a while since I was able to post. This is mostly because my cats think my laptop is a nice warm place to sit! However they are sat on my husbands computer at the moment so I will tell you my latest makes.
Following on from Gill´s lovely perfume displays, and the hundreds of bottles that we obsessively made, I designed some for various departments in the store. Most I have not made up yet but I thought you may like to see a couple.The sharp eyed among you may spot the ironed straw, take it from me no glue available in Spain will stick these together! Fortunately Gill had a moment of inspiration.

I also had the idea that I would make a wedding buffet scene. Horror of horrors this included making Fimo food. I have never done much of this, and what I have done is usually not very good, and, as all miniaturists know, has to go at the back. There is some wonderful miniature food out there, but at the moment I cannot afford it as I am saving for the Andalucia Dollshouse fair in June which Gill and I look forward to all year.
The only solution was to get out the Fimo and start. I surprised myself as I don´t think they are too bad, at least they are a start, although the cheese board looks a little small compared with everything else, or perhaps the other portions are more generous.

The next problem will be running out of dishes, I really hope I do not have to make any from Fimo, my one attempt looked like something a 5 year old would make. I think I will attempt a wedding cake instead.
Mini hugs to all


  1. Oly! Your buffet is fabulous! Perseverence certainly pays off, you've made all this since Tuesday? It all looks wonderful and nothing wrong with the cheese board. I love the salad and the salmon, amazing! Gill x

    1. Thanks Gill, hope you are ready to make some more food on Tuesday, babies permitting xxx Oly

  2. Hi Olwyn,
    I've found your lovely blog via a link from Gill's blog. I love the beatiful soaps and chocolates you made for gill and all your work is lovely!!!
    Vicky xxxx