Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cats and cross stitch

Hi Everyone. As usual time is running away with me, where does it go?I am busy preparing for visitors, and all the usual real life things.
 I have also been having a major sort out of my store room. This has taken weeks, mainly because of all the rain we have had recently. I really needed to get everything out, get some shelving up and have a major tidy out of all the boxes and stuff I did not know what to do with.
Anyway, it is done now, and everything is in transparent boxes so I know exactly what I have got. For a miniature hobby all the stuff takes a very large amount of room.
My latest miniature project has been to make a needle felted kitten. Some of you will remember Gill and I having a go a few months back. Then it took us all day to make a cat, this time it took me about 20 hours!
I just could not get the face right. It is OK, but not perfect. Perhaps in true scale it is a lot easier, certainly in miniature it is not. I can only admire those who do this for a living, they are either a lot quicker than me, or living in abject poverty! If you look at  on Etsy she makes some beautiful cats at a more than reasonable price. Here are some photos of my effort, they do not compare but I like him.

He is so small the photos are not great, but the best we could do.I think it will be a while before I make another.
The latest project is to finish some things I found while I was sorting out, these are mostly sewing. Does anyone else start several cross stitch projects at once? I have finished one cushion, and almost finished the second, only 4 more projects to go. Then there is the scrap booking kit, not to mention stuff for Christmas. I am supposed to be starting a doll next week with my sister when she visits.
Still, life would be less rich without hobbies!
Until next time


  1. Your little cat is so sweet, does he have a name? Well done sorting out your stash room!